Our Mission

Your friendly reminder to slow down.

The speed of modern life can feel overwhelming. Juggling work and life responsibilities often leaves us under-slept, over-committed, and burnt out. As parents and entrepreneurs, we get it. It’s one of the reasons why we started Vertly.  We’re on a mission to slow down ~~ and help you do the same.

We encourage you to carve out space in your day for self-care. Whether that means a 20-minute bath soak, or a 1-minute face routine, we believe that every mindful moment helps.

You could say we bottle the power of slow. We start with locally sourced plants, which require a slow-extraction process of three weeks. Final products are made fresh weekly in small batches and all our botanicals are boosted with the therapeutic, calming powers of full-spectrum CBD.

Every aspect of our process is founded on the principle that slower is better. Slower extractions result in more potent ingredients. Slower calms the body, relaxes the mind and soothes the skin.

We hope you’ll let Vertly be the rest, recovery and replenishment you need.

Claudia + Zander