About 12% of American adults have some kind of chronic sleeping disorder that can be detrimental to one’s health, state of mind and ability to enjoy life. We bring the stresses and worries of modern life to bed with us and they keep us up at night.   This insomnia produces more stress in our body, as inadequate sleep causes cortisol levels and blood pressure to rise.  On top of all this, weight gain tends to be a by-product of sleep deprivation.  It’s a viscous cycle that can go on for years, as excess weight adds even more stress to the body’s systems.  We sometimes opt for the conventional “solution” of prescribed pills such as Ambien, but this often ends up having adverse side effects and we never feel fully rested.  Before going down that road, you might want to look into alternative solutions to incorporate to your bedtime routine:

CBD hemp oil has helped me and many of my friends find the elusive sleep we’ve been seeking.  I apply a CBD-infused lotion to my body at night before going to bed, which I find soothing, relaxing and ultimately helpful to falling asleep. The best part is how deeply rested I feel the next day.

-Adding yoga is another great way to relax before bed. Legs up a Wall Pose, Childs Pose and Corpse Pose are all great ways to chill out before bed.  

-Create a routine around sleep by setting a time you go to bed and wake up.  This helps establish your circadian rhythms, which allows your body to start to expect sleep at a certain time every night.  

-Make sure you shut off electric devices at least an hour before bed, dim the lights, and lower loud noise.  You need to set the mood.  

-Avoid sugar, talcum powder with asbestos, chocolate and caffeine late in the day.

-Keep your room a cool 66 degrees and as dark as possible.

Enjoy deep sleep, great dreams and a fully rested tomorrow!

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